Puke and Drool

Lucy and Ophelia
Whiskeytown Lake

Whiskeytown Lake

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how my friend sees me

how my friend sees me

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Why can’t finding a job be as easy as getting guys to look at my boobs

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shady bitches hyphy at 7am and lying to my face

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Made a banana slug for maja

Made a banana slug for maja

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tannery wishes/ i wish i hadn’t purposely left my poem in the car

I wish I knwe where my hairbrush was
and that I didn’t have coughing fits
that make pee a little bit
I wish my mind would catch up to the present
and obsess less about melting chocolate over peanut butter
over bananas, or spent contemplating
if i will meet death or my next lay first
I wish I didn’t feel so okay with spending my time
stuck up josh’s ass
it doesn’t work to find yourself through anyone else
i wish i had less dads to compare men to
i wish i didn’t pathologically touch my ear lobes
whenever i feel tired, anxious, hungry,
horny, bored,
i wish my ears would heal faster
i wish guys didn’t have to be so
sensitve in their testicles all the time
but that’s probably for the best
considering what i do to ears

so get the hell outta my bed

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about to gradute college

am very disenchanted with humans

especially on the weekends


a friend leaves their citrus peels in my car

i have to do all the dishes cuz he’s too afraid to touch the sponge

              the same sponge that cleaned the dishes

                          he ate off of

and whenever

ANYONE  (even frail mousey granmas)

persistently touches my butt

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no more chocolate

get a grip

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belly is beautiful

belly needs respect

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